Eddie & Rachel Andersen

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Since 2008, the Andersens have lived in East Africa, specifically in Northern Kenya, near the Ethiopian border. They work among the Gabra people group, a nomadic camel herding people, who have little Christian influence or knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Gabra are less than 1 percent reached, so their work involves evangelism, discipleship, and using practical means to open doors in unreached areas.

Eddie is involved in overseeing several daily Bible studies in areas with no church presence. Every day of the week two evangelists go to small villages in the area to share a portion of Scripture to groups that gather. Eddie also manages the running of a radio and water drilling projects.

Rachel is a midwife and is involved in caring for women and newborn babies. She also runs a program to help women and children who are treated as outcasts by the local culture, teaching literacy, Bible, and practical skills.

We always appreciate prayer for the ongoing work in Northern Kenya. Every day includes the business of living in a community of unreached people with few resources. We are often involved in decisions, which impact people's health and well-being, as well as sharing the Gospel on a day-to-day basis. Pray with us the Gabra would have open hearts and many would come to Christ. Pray for Gabra believers to be faithful and to share the Gospel with those around them. Pray for our Kenyan partners who also evangelize and disciple on a daily basis.

Stephen & Ginger Jordan

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Jonathan and Noella Kleis

We are Jonathan and Noella Kleis, serving with ABWE as church planters in northern Italy since 2005. After completing language study in Perugia, we relocated to the north of Italy in 2007 and worked in partnership with an existing Italian evangelical church. Then in 2013, we began a new ministry in an area with no gospel witness.

The church officially launched in 2017 with a group of new believers, and since then God has been blessing by opening many doors for evangelism in our community as well as maturing the faith of church members. We ask that you pray with us for God to continue this work, especially that He will make fruitful our evangelistic efforts by bringing many Italians to faith in Christ.

Lake Ann Camp

We exist to challenge individuals in a group setting to make biblical, life-changing decisions through unique learning experiences.

Rob & Brenda Oetman

Serving through Independent Faith Missions in Seoul, South Korea, Rob Oetman began co-pastoring at the, then, newly established Seoul First Baptist Church (SFBC) in 1999. In 2004 God allowed the Seoul Baptist Bible College and Seminary to be founded as a ministry of SFBC. After 13 years, Rob was officially called to be pastor of Yongsan Baptist Church of Seoul. The Oetmans have been — for many years! — the only independent Baptist missionaries serving in Seoul, which has a population of over 15 million people.

Thank you for helping us continue to preach Christ and disciple converts here in this enormous city!

Tom Osbeck

I run a ministry called Ignight Your Faith Ministry in the outskirts of Port au Prince in a very poor village. Tin roofs, dirt floors, no electricity or bathrooms, no water. We deliver 14,000 gallons of clean water a week to these folks, reaching about 1500 people.

Our ministry includes a church, sports ministry, kids ministry, door-to-door evangelism, and so much more. We also have a weekly women’s prison ministry with over 260 women. There we hold a Bible study and deliver three trucks of water at each visit (10,500 gal). We try to fill these women's prescriptions, as we can, too. Personally, I care for 18 kids, ages 6–19, in my home — they are my family. Our goal through every avenue of ministry is to share the gospel and make disciples.