Mike and Elva Farrell

Mike and Elva Farrell, Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in France
Email: mnefarrell@aol.com

Serving with Baptist Mid-Missions
14, allee Pablo Neruda
76530 Grand Couronne, France

Mike Birthday     9/29
Elva's Birthday  10/15
Anniversary        5/17/75

Mike and Elva Farrell's missionary career began in 1979 serving with Baptist Mid-Missions. After arriving in France in April 1982, we settled in a southern suburb of Paris and enrolled in language school. That took about 2 years. During that time we helped out in a limited way another missionary in his church in Bretigny-sur-Orge.
After language school, we teamed up with another missionary to work in La Rochelle, on the west coast of France. We stayed there for 2 years. A family in that church told us about their home town, Reims, in the north-east of France. They even accompanied us on a scouting trip over a weekend. La Rochelle and Reims are about 7 hours drive away from each other.
Reims is a city of about 200,000 people, the 12th largest city of France, and didn't have a Baptist church, or even a Bible-believing church of any kind!!! So we decided to settle in Reims after our furlough in 1986. We held services in our  apartment living room for 4 years. At first, our main ministry was to university students, although every now and then other people would show an interest in spiritual matters. In 1990 we moved out of the apartment and into a house that had a nice garage that we transformed into a church meeting place. We stayed there for the next 7 years. The Lord saved souls and the church grew. By 1997 we were in a position to purchase and renovate a warehouse downtown. The bank loan was completely paid off in 2004. In 2008 the church invited a graduate of the French Baptist Bible College to do a pastoral internship with us.  On January 24, 2010 the church voted to call Emmanuel to be their first French pastor. Praise the Lord!
The Farrell's retired in January 2020 after 40 years of full time service. From 2010 until their retirement  they were engaged in replacement/interim ministry for furloughing coworkers and pulpit supply for French churches without pastors. Even though retired, the Farrell's will remain in France to care for their daughter. Emily is special needs adult who now has Pulmany Hypertension and her health is to fragile to make the return trip home to the United States.  Mike and Elva will remain in France until the Lord calls Emily home.