RBC community worship seeks to keep the focus on God in every arena. Paul expressed that we should use "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" as part of a lifestyle of worship...in short Blended Worship. We seek to use the best of the hymns, choruses and praise songs from every generation...past, present, and should the Lord tarry His return yet in the future. 


Choir opportunities are available during the year for those individuals who are interested in singing in a large group as part of the Sunday morning worship service and for special events such as Thanksgiving service, Christmas services and the Easter drama/musical. 


Musicians prepare vocal and instrumental music for leading Sunday worship services.
Keyboardists: should be able to play a variety of styles.
String Players: interested in playing in an ensemble or for special events.
Woodwind and Brass Players: willing to play with the orchestra or for special events.

Vocalists: interested in singing in the choir or providing special music.