Men's Prayer Partners

Every Christian benefits from having praying friends.  Christian leaders,
though, are particularly in need of fellow believers who faithfully, regularly,
dependably pray for them and for the ministries in which they seek to be effective. 

  • Pastors are under constant pressure to practice a degree of integrity and professional competence not necessarily expected by lay persons of themselves or other friends and acquaintances.
  • Many feel a peculiar isolation because of the limited number of confidants they have to share their personal hurts, inadequacies, doubts, insecurities and burdens.
  • Pastors and their families are often subject to gossip, negative criticism, and antagonism, as Satan works to diminish their effectiveness.
  • The ministry involves a heavy load of responsibility and accountability for the spiritual well-being of others; pastors face "a stricter judgment" for their actions (James 3:1)
  • The heavy demands of giving one's best to others in so many ways (preaching, caring, counseling, visiting, administration,etc.) make pastors vulnerable to burn-out, discouragement, pride, and a host of other potential concerns.    

Join a group of men who believe strongly in the power of prayer. A group of men dedicated to praying for our staff in these areas. Each Sunday morning, a team of Pastor's Prayer Partners comes together to lift up our pastors, the church, and the staff during our morning worship services. These men, who band together to bless others in prayer, bless one another in the process. Man of God, don't miss this powerful experience. Also each pastor's prayer partners team prays daily for the pastoral staff.

For more information contact Chuck Shepherd or the church office.