Our History

WHEN DID WE BEGIN? When does a local church begin? Is it on the occasion of signing that legal document, a charter? Or is it when the first two or three gather together in the Lord's name to fellowship and study His Word together? Could it be when the very first of those was born again? Would it be poor theology to assume that the local church, like the individual Christian, was in the mind of God before time began? These questions, like the ones surrounding all beginnings, furnish food for thought and discussion. Certainly, as creatures of time, we seek to locate events in time, and so we mark beginnings and anniversaries.  On April 13, 1960, Robinson Baptist Church officially organized with forty-three charter members. For that reason, that date is observed as the anniversary date. However, a vision and many significant events preceded that April day, and those furnish the foundation of the church's history.

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